New for 2023 WOTMX has been busy ramping up for 2023. The international series has determined a bit of a re-brand is in order. For 2023 and beyond the series will be known as the International Vet Motocross Series – IVMX
This means starting in 2023 the series will include the 30+ classes as a series championship class along with all the other classes we’ve historically hosted and will include a few new venues as well Sandy Vally for Las Vegas and ECMX Park in Lewiston.
Also for 2023 WOTMX has joined several of the other clubs in promoting through both the Industry Seating pod cast hosted by Jason Thomas and also Keefer Testing hosted by Kris Keefer.
There will be more to come as we get closer to the start of the 2023 WOTMX season so stay tuned and check out the pod casts!