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11/4/2017 Hello all you out there in moto-land!
The Washington club has had another outstanding year in 2017!
I’m sure we’ve captured another Legends Cup title of top OTMX club.
I haven’t seen the final tally, but our lead was so large I doubt any club would have been able to catch us!
I believe that makes 9 of the last 11 years! You guys (and gals) are awesome and represent the Washington club with speed and class!

We had six class champions! These championships are so coveted that some people literally break their neck to win it!
Here are the reigning champions:
50 Master Doug Miller Both IOTMX & Northern Challenge
60 Master Carl Chadwick Both IOTMX & Northern Challenge
40 Expert Chuck Heckman Both IOTMX & Northern Challenge
50 Expert Ken Coker Both IOTMX & Northern Challenge
60 Expert Lance Marshall Both IOTMX & Northern Challenge
40 Intermediate Keith Goodrich

And we had three others that were either Northern Challenge champions or co-champions:
+80 Don Nelson
50 Expert Don Ellingson
50 Intermediate Scott Willis

We also had 37 members finish in the top ten in their repective classes:
+80 Don Nelson 2nd
60 Master Carl Chadwick 1st
60 Master Norm Eberle 3rd
50 Master Doug Miller 1st
50 Master Ken Peterson 2nd
50 Master Greg Fry 3rd
40 Master Shane Trejos 2nd
60 Expert Lance Marshall 1st
60 Expert Steve Bader 2nd
60 Expert Mel McCormick 5th
50 Expert Ken Coker 1st
50 Expert Joe Taurman 2nd
50 Expert Don Ellingson 4th
50 Expert Greg Smith 7th
40 Expert Chuck Heckman 1st
40 Expert Dennis Child 2nd
40 Expert Jay Grigsby 4th
40 Expert James Carnahan 5th
40 Expert AJ Heckart 6th
70 Intermediate Dave Wilz 2nd
70 Intermediate Jerry Rerecich 3rd
60 Intermediate Brian Swanson 2nd
60 Intermediate Mitch Alden 9th
50 Intermediate Scott Willis 3rd
50 Intermediate John Weaver 4th
50 Intermediate Mike Clements 5th
50 Intermediate Dennis Herberg 9th
40 Intermediate Keith Goodrich 1st
40 Intermediate Jon Schmuck 3rd
40 Intermediate Chris Nelson 5th
40 Intermediate Scott Oltman 7th
40 Intermediate Dustin Adams 8th
50 Novice Mike Ward 6th
50 Novice John Tillman 7th
50 Novice Jim Milano 8th
40 Novice Lisa Heckman 4th
40 Novice Bret Engberg 8th

We have such a great group of people in this club! I’m very proud to be a part of it! You guys are awesome!
See you all at the awards banquet! (details coming soon)

5/20/17 One week away from our 2017 WOTMX National! We are trying out a new “exhibition” class (no series points); +40 2 Stroke Class. It will be run with the +30 Class with separate gate. So 5 motos. If you are signing up as a second class, take $15 off the total when you pay online. Tell your friends to bring their “ring dingy dingers”!

1/1/2017 (!) We’re one week away from the ANNUAL BANQUET. A great time to catch up with old friends and racing buddies and celebrate with those that won awards. We’ll also have the opening round of Supercross on after the meeting.
Venue is AUBURN GOLF COURSE 29630 Green River Rd SE Auburn WA 98092. Their phone is 253-833-2350.
We have the room reserved from 5 – 10pm. You don’t need a reservation, just come! We’d love to see most of you; others not so much, but come anyway! : )

12/8/2016 We have 42 people that have said they are coming to the awards banquet so far. We had to guarantee 50 for the room, so, hopefully we’ve got a few more that are coming that just haven’t let me know. The room will hold over 100, so don’t worry about there not being enough room for you. Even it you are not winning an award, come! You’ll have a great time and a great meal! We look forward to seeing you there!

10/20/16 Results are in for the Class Champions and top 10 riders in each class! Congratulations to all riders!
Also, WASHINGTON chapter has again captured the LEGENDS CUP for 2016! Thank you to all our Washington members who represented our club all year! Let’s do it again next year!
I believe we’ve won the cup 8 of the last 10 years…

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