Greetings, Racers!

We understand that you have many choices and we appreciate the fact you’ve chosen to come here and hang out with us! We hope you like our new site!
There are many people in and around WOTMX that spend many hours to bring you the best event and online experience we can. Much thought and effort goes into the smallest decisions with our primary thought being, “Is this going to make our event more fun and more enjoyable not only for you, the rider, but for your family and friends that come to support you?” We understand you drive a long way and spend a lot of money to come to our event and we want you to drive home thinking,“I’m really glad I came here this weekend! Those Washington guys always put on a great event!” We sincerely love seeing you here (most of you : )), banging bars with you and hanging out with you in the pits afterward.

We want to hear your feedback of how you like our site and your ideas for making it even better, and the same goes for our events.

I have a special request of each one of you for the 2016 race event: EACH one BRING one. Each and every one of you ask a rider who isn’t already coming to come along, to meet you here, to bring his bike and gear and have a great weekend hanging out and racing with the best bunch of guys on the planet (us old timer mx racers)! The more the merrier and the better the racing!

I look forward to seeing you all at our race and at as many others as we can!
Lance Marshall
President WOTMX